Zapp is the advanced planning and optimisation specialist in Singapore that specializes in supply chain consultation and implementation to help businesses maximize their supply chain performance and value creation through innovation solutions and services. We help clients to become profitable and valuable on the industry they are venturing while making them agiler, flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing market. Zapp collaborates with their clients from improving the operations strategies, supply chain planning, to the execution of the mega processes that involves the supply chain.


Zapp’s team of experts in supply chain optimization believes that their decades of on-hand experience and skills in helping their clients succeed in their ventures have made them one of the industry leaders when it comes to supply chain, advanced planning and optimization of solutions and services. Their extensive knowledge with regards to supply chain planning, network design, distributions, supply chain IT systems, third-party logistics, material handling integration and other areas that are contributory factors to the excellence of supply chain is what makes them the most sought firms in Singapore.