Our focus in helping our clients build value in 3 key areas:

Developing Strategies

Zapp’s team of experts in supply chain optimization believes that their decades of on-hand experience and skills in helping their clients succeed in their ventures have made them one of the industry leaders when it comes to supply chain, advanced planning and optimization of solutions and services. Their extensive knowledge with regards to supply chain planning, network design, distributions, supply chain IT systems, third-party logistics, material handling integration and other areas that are contributory factors to the excellence of supply chain is what makes them the most sought firms in Singapore.

Increasing Efficiencies

To be able to meet the today’s demands in modernized, sustainable facilities and systems, your optimized solutions and services has to be quick, precise and cost-effective. Zapp works hand-in-hand with their clients in order to develop customized solutions that could increase productivity. Zapp believes that to make this work, the constant dialogue is necessary as it can turn customized ideas and concepts into effective projects that are beneficial. With an efficient approach that Zapp applies, customers can expect cost reductions, an increase in productivity, competitiveness and sustainable success in the market.

Optimising Investments

For an optimal investment organisation, Zapp develops tailor-made solutions to optimise your investments. From key data analysis to planning to operations, businesses will surely achieve favorable results. This is done to help our clients achieve optimized processes, improvement in cost control and cost reductions through energy-efficient building investments or extensions.

So whether you are a budding entrepreneur or have been in the industry for years but is looking for a trustworthy advanced planning and optimization specialist that effectively works, you’ve come to the right place as Zapp will lead you to the road of success through the optimized solutions and services we offer.


Zapp’s mission to be the premier supply chain solutions provider in the region by making sure that we meet and provide best in class solutions that shall not only solve our clients needs but exceed their expectations. Our solutions are designed to enhance transparency and improve efficiencies for our customers, which results in lower costs and/or increased revenues.


Our team of supply chain experts with proven experience in various fields are at your disposal. Zapp is a company fueled by people with years of practical experience. Their energy drives our growth into new services, new markets, and new ideas. Collectively, they have completed hundreds of very successful projects, which have also led to ever higher standards achieved in supply chain operations.

Practical knowledge alone is not enough guarantee to get a job well done that meets the certain degree of commitment. It is imperative to have proficiency, efficiency, competence and responsibility all work together to achieve a profound success on every endeavor – and these are what you can expect from this team at Zapp.

Zapp’s solutions take into account more data and real world constraints in their calculations than any other solution on the market, leading to better results. We have a proven track record in delivering results: our broad range of industry-specific case studies demonstrate the positive results achieved for companies of all sizes. Incredible results on a strategic, tactical, operational and real-time level.